There are catering companies and then there’s Red Anywhere. Catering your event is more than just supplying the food and the service. It’s sharing your passion with a belief in the quality of our food as well as being individual and specific to you.

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Our Sample dishes have been put together to stimulate your senses with the sublime combinations that we put together, Classics are featured and served in a modern way with the Red twist!

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We can create cocktails to match your event, carefully selecting ingredients to suit your tastes. We also specialise in symbiotically smooth fine wines to match your event, we carefully select vintages from the finest cellars. All our bars are run by professionally trained bar tenders.

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After last year’s Christmas success…we are back for more festive fun!

Yes I know it’s summer but before we know it Christmas will be on our doorstep… Looking for a venue in Worthing to host your Christmas party this year? Then why not take a look at Long Furlong Barn’s website where you can browse through various photos of the stunning venue and it’s rural surroundings and see what a magical party you could provide to your guests using the barn as a…