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05 Mar

Dan Clarke


Battle of the Pancakes…

Being a catering company coupled with pancake day…! We felt it only fair to make a few pancakes! So we all embarked on a little race… We are not competitive at all…Well only a little bit. There were some close races but the winner is…. Well watch the videos and you may see!

Happy Pancake day from all at Red Anywhere!

How Would You Propose…?

In my never ending search for appropriate, captivating and relevant blog topics, I stumbled upon this website:  Panic Groom, and I have to say, most of it cracks me up.

There are so many websites available for brides to share their interests, worries, photos and advice, but what about the grooms? So often, I have heard grooms saying about how they just put on a suit and turn up at the venue with not much involvement in the rest of the planning. But what are they actually thinking?

Panic Groom spoke to one ‘Real Groom’ to get his views on the whole marriage malarkey…but what made me laugh the most was his hilarious proposal story:

“How did you pop the question?
I wanted to propose on new years instead of the clichéd kiss. I ended up drinking a bit too much and missing the countdown as all that liquid was causing bladder issues. In the end I proposed outside a toilet at a house party at a few minutes past midnight.”

This reminded me of a story that Sophie and I heard from one Groom of ours… he had it all perfectly planned – a beautiful trip to Paris and up the Eifel Tower to drop to one knee when they reached the very top. Unfortunately this was the moment in his life when the Groom realised he suffered from terrible vertigo. Half way up the Eifel Tower, it was all too much to handle, and he simply blurted out the words “Will you marry me then?!”

Of course the answer was yes, before hastily making their way back down to solid ground to start planning their wedding.

I read in one magazine that there were 5 main ways to propose:

  • Spontaneously: imagine just sitting on your sofa watching TV, and popping the question. Maybe you would even be shocked that the words came out your mouth? Our Sous Chef proposed to his then girlfriend when they were at the wedding of a friend. “Maybe we should do this one day?” he offered (ever the romantic!). But they have been happily married for years now so maybe this way works?
  • On Holiday: This is the ‘trip to Paris’ proposal, or a beach in Mauritius, or a shopping spree in New York. I think I’d find it pretty hard to say no in any of the above situations, but it seems like an unnecessary expense when you could be saving that cash for a wedding!
  • On A Public Holiday/Celebration: Christmas, Valentines Day, Birthday… etc. I have a massive issue with these kinds of proposals. It’s a cop out in my opinion. You can’t think what to get for a present and you were thinking of proposing anyway, so why not combine the two? No. We want a new day in the year to be able to celebrate!
  • In a Memorable Place: This is my absolute favourite type of proposal (future husband, get reading!) When you go to the place you had your first date, or somewhere that means somewhere to you. And it’s all beautiful and happy and relaxed and romantic!
  • Big Public Proposal: The type that go viral on You Tube and take months of careful planning, preparation and usually a bit of deceit! This is great and always makes me smile seeing how happy people are, but personally it’s not for me. Here’s my favourite Big Public Proposal from You Tube…


A Quick Guide for Grooms Speeches…

Ask any Groom and he will tell you that the most nerve-racking part of their wedding day is waiting for their bride to walk down the aisle… which is closely followed by making that all important speech!

In my opinion the Groom has it easy! The Best Man has to ensure that their speech is witty, with a few back stories about the groom (clean ones) and make an overall toast to who can only be described as the happiest couple in the world at that moment (they have to wrap the show up and also surpass what has gone before!)… the Father of the Bride, has to tell stories about his daughter growing up, and also welcome a new son into their family… the Groom just has to thank everyone!

I think the top tip for any grooms speech is to thank ALL the right people! Below is a short list of the KEY people:

  • BRIDE (this is obviously essential – comment on how beautiful she looks, and that you’re the luckiest man in the world)
  • Both Mums (as a groom you’re gaining a mother, so it’s always best to ensure she is thanked for raising such a brilliant daughter – also remember your mum as she will feel as if she is losing you as a son, because there will now be a more important woman in your life)
  • Bridesmaids – they will have done a lot to help your bride in the lead up to and on the morning of the wedding, so they deserve a thanks – inevitably they will be the reason that the bride hasn’t grown 5 heads… they will be the people who have kept her calm.
  • Groomsmen – again you know how much help (or not) they have been but they are there as your friends to support you though what was sure to be the toughest morning of anxiety and stress
  • All the Guests for sharing in your special day

Having worked at over 200 weddings in my short career, I have heard/seen a huge variety of speeches  and when I am required, I do listen to them, which inevitably will cause a tear or two…

I attended a wedding this summer as a guest and the groom started with a hilarious exert from a dated woman’s housekeeping magazine which referred to the fact that a woman’s place is ‘in the kitchen’. This was followed by the thanks to guests and important members of the bridal and bride grooms parties. He followed it up with some anecdotes about them meeting and the journey they had been on as a couple… and arrived at the end with them today and how he couldn’t imagine a day without her! It was an amazing speech, which had us rolling in the aisle and balling our eyes out simultaneously!

But I have to say, this is my all-time favourite Grooms Speech and it definitely resulted in a few more than 2 tears!

24 Mar

Dan Clarke


Corporate Team Building – Fresh Egg step into Hell’s Kitchen

Many of us have seen Gordon Ramsey ranting and raging on ITV’s Hells Kitchen.  Red have developed  our own version of the much loved programme to appeal to Corporate Companies who want to use it for Motivation and Team Building!


27 Nov

Dan Clarke


Naughty Gordon!

We got this sent us by a client and we found it very funny, Now with Mr Ramsay in the news we thought it ironic to let you have a look!