How Much Does A Wedding Cost in the UK? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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21 Jun

Dan Clarke


How Much Does A Wedding Cost in the UK? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Weddings are big business in the United Kingdom, with the entire industry being worth billions of pounds every year. So with all that money being spent on nuptials, how much does the average UK wedding actually cost?

It’s a subject that has seen a considerable amount of debate, even during our research on the subject we found numerous totals ranging from under £20K to over £50K. So to come up with a figure that seemed reliable, we looked at the most up to date sources and only used information based on data from last year and with clearly marked methodologies and references. We also completed our own UK survey on wedding costs to corroborate the figures where appropriate.

So with that in mind, here’s our infographic guide to the average UK wedding cost, taking into account the big day itself, guest expenses, the honeymoon, the rings and as many other factors as we could. Check out the infographic below – the final figure may be higher than you were expecting!

How Much Does A Wedding Cost in the UK - 612px

Click the infographic for a larger version. 

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