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Weddings Weddings Weddings

It all starts with an enquiry, a potential venue and a possible date,  then a year or so on, we get the pleasure of delivering a truly remarkable and memorable day for a beautiful couple. The tingle in your feet at the end of a wedding is more than worth it when you come into the office at the beginning of the week and receive such lovely and thankful emails.

‘We just wanted to say thank you SO much for a fantastic day on Saturday. You were truly amazing throughout the planning process and on the day itself.  The way you managed the day for us was so appreciated – thank you!  Do let us know where we can submit a first class review of Red.’

‘Red where amazing from the initial enquiries to the end of our big day. We got so much more than we expected. The staff made us feel like it was in turn a delight for them to be part of our wedding. The day went so smoothly and this was largely thanks to Sophie and team.’

The team at Red are extremely excited for our coming year of weddings, contact us today to discuss your wedding details and to find out more information!

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